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Food Find: Rick’s Picks Zesty Carrot Sticks

Sometimes I come across a shelf stable product I really like, and Rick’s Picks Zesty Carrot Sticks were one of those.

I came across them in the Yumble lunch bags I recently reviewed. I had picked them to be in a couple of the bags, and I am glad I did. At first I wasn’t sure how they would be, but having a “fresh” option sounded good (versus always eating freeze-dried items) or worse, a “vegetable inspired snack” (looking at you Veggie Straws!).

At 3 ounces, I consider that a doable luxury in the snack bag of your backpack.

They are crisp, yet just soft enough, and with a nice crunch between the teeth.

They are lightly pickled with a hint of spice/heat.

They’d also be great chopped up and added to dinners on the trail. Delicious with rice pilafs! (And the small amount of liquid in the pouch would add flavor to the rice as well.)

While many of their products are on Amazon, I did not see the carrots there except for in a Taster’s Variety Pack (which I am definitely going to try their other pickled items out!) They are sold on their website in 6 packs directly.


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