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Commercial Meal Review: Yumble Foods

As usual, an ad on social media lured me in to try out a new idea/product. It was aimed at mothers getting kids ready for back to school where you could order a lunch ready to go, of shelf stable items. So I took a look at Yumble Foods (which is run by General Mills, so keep that in mind – however everything they carry is name brand), and found I could build my own bags, not just premade ones – and if I ordered 6 bags, I only paid for 5 bags, with shipping included. OK, that was reasonable, so I started pulling custom bags together on the website.

It’s very easy to do: Pick an entree, a veggie inspired side, a fruit inspired side and a dessert. As if my kids would ever pass up on shelf-stable pizza for hiking. Oh right, these are not for back to school, they are for going hiking, and each kid can grab a package to put into their backpack. Maybe even me too.

One reason I went for the pick your own versus the ready to pick, is I could make it allergy friendly for Alistaire.

They also offer 8 ready to go bags with various offerings in the bags.

While they offer subscriptions to save money, I was happy they offered a single purchase option at $5.99 per bag. I like to be able to try out new ideas/items with no obligations.

One of the bags I built contained a Snack On The Run! kit, which I priced out at the grocery store. It alone was $3.29, so $5.99 wasn’t so bad for the whole bag.

Within a week the order showed up:

The bags are too cute. You can see what is in each bag. The top of the bag opens and closes easily as well.

My snack pack was chicken jerky bites, dill pickles, freeze-dried apples and Bugles snacks. So mostly savory for me!

The boys had bags with cookies, freeze-dried strawberries, Veggie Straws and MRE Pizzas.

Walker wasn’t exactly impressed with MRE pizza, Alistaire liked it however. My indulged children are far too used to actual pizza….not pizza with a 5 or more year shelf life.

Was it super amazing? Of course not. It was fun though to hand the bags out as a treat after we went hiking. They liked the different items that I’d not normally buy.

FTC Disclaimer:

All products were bought by us, to be reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are ours.


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