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Lazy Camping Recipes: Shrimp Fried Rice

When it comes to outdoor cooking, not always does it need to be super light in weight. Some trips you can bring the bigger pots and have a relaxed meal. This recipe for fried rice falls under this category, but can be done on a backpacking trip if you want to carry a larger pot.

The recipe uses easy products, no pulling together many ingredients. It’s not what I’d rank as “authentic” by any means, but when hungry and craving carbs you’ll love it. The pouched rice is important. Unlike carrying instant rice, you don’t need to cook it – and fried rice works best with hard cold rice. Which rice in a pouch is. And it makes great fried rice.

You can use any brand rice of around 8 ounces or so (and if you cannot find Jasmine, then use plain white rice), any brand seasoning and in a pinch canned shrimps, drained, work fine. In car camping you could carry frozen peas even, if you go full luxury. Not everything need to be ultra light backpacking. Embrace car camping and staying in cabins periodically.

If you want to add in eggs, before you stir fry, heat a bit of oil in the pan over a low flame and add in the eggs you want and gently scramble, then stash in a clean bag, and add in at the end. Both fresh eggs and powdered eggs work well for this. I’d suggest 1-2 eggs per serving.

Shrimp Fried Rice

In a quart storage bag:

Also take:


Add ¾ cool water to the peas and shrimp. Seal bag, shake gently to cover with water and set aside for 5 to 10 minutes to hydrate.

Heat a large 2 to 3 liter wide/shallow pot over a medium flame. Add in the oil, and the peas/shrimp. Stir fry, moving the food often. Carefully add in the rice and mash gently to break up the grains (pouched rice is nice and hard). Sprinkle on the seasoning mix, and stir fry until the rice is hot, lowering the flame as needed to prevent burning, moving the ingredients often, a bamboo spoon works well.

Serves 2.


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