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Meal Review: Campfare Meals

I came across Campfare Meals due to a ad on social media and decided to try out 3 meals from them. Finally having a sunny (though chilly) day in the PNW, we got out for a hike and lunch.

Watching the ferry cross the Salish Sea from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, on the Quimper Pennisula. A treat while cooking lunch.

It’s been a cold and wet spring. I got hit hard with Covid – I’ve traveled, hiked and been on boats for the past 2.5 years, but my 12 year old brought it home 2 weeks ago – and being 3x vaccinated didn’t stop it. So just sitting in the sun felt very good. I am working my way back to getting my lungs healed. And I didn’t lose my sense of smell, so yay for that.

Campfare meals are retort packed. Think of MRE meals, but a lot classier. And tastier. It is cooked, ready to eat. While I was using a smaller pot, a 2 liter pot size would work best, and put the lid on to retain the water heat. You can use the warm water to wash up with after (a clean face and hands make a long day feel better!)

Warming a pouch in hot water. No cooking required besides boiling a pot of water. And a couple minutes to let it warm up.

All their meals are naturally gluten-free, but are not produced in a GF production line. Our son was able to eat the meals with his allergies with no issues.

Wild Alaskan Salmon.

It is a fillet with flavoring. An actual thick slice of salmon. I was going to toss it with precooked pasta, however the 10 year old took it and ate the entire package. He really, really enjoyed it. The tiny bite I got was a firm fish nicely flavored.

It is shelf stable for 7 years.

So, the pasta idea went out the window. Oh well!

Heating it up.

Beef Burgundy.

As with all the meals we chose, the vegetables are firm (not mushy), and it had a nice thick stew texture. Bring along a roll or a small loaf of bread and you have a meal.

It is shelf stable for 5 years.

Chicken Tikka Masala with green lentils.

We were joking that some meals you cannot get a good photo of – but they still taste great. This would be great served over instant rice, made in a freezer bag FBC style, or pack in a package of naan bread (or even thick tortillas would work) for a complete meal. Firm texture (not mushy) and the spices are not over powering.

It is shelf stable for 5 years.


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