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Sunny Days In A Cold Spring

Spring has been cold and wet on Whidbey Island, and all along the Pacific Northwest. Great for the moss, and water supplies, but lousy for farming and hiking. But every so the sun comes out and it shines so brightly. And we don’t stay home often those days. Grab lunch and head out.

Robinson Beach on the south end of Whidbey Island isn’t big. But it’s a treasure for the public in an area where beach access is hard to get, surrounded by ultra expensive beach front homes. It has ample parking, benches on the lawn area, and plenty of sand and calm water for everyone else.

Shells having met their fate with a Moon Snail earlier.

Shells empty, probably a hungry Seagull ate well.

Looking across the water to the Olympic Mountains, hidden behind the clouds.

Early morning at Fort Casey State Park, in central Whidbey Island.

We walked down to the beach, the beach trail is blown out partially at the bottom, hopefully it will get fixed. Ebey’s Landing is the green area in the distance.

Back at the fort, we wandered around. The fort is being painted.

Lighthouse in the distance.

My homeschooler is always happy to escape and have field trips. And there’s a lot to learn here for history.

Lunch at a scenic spot looking over the Salish Sea and towards Fort Worden across the water.

If they have muck boots on and it’s a weekday, they probably are homeschooled.


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