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Food Find: Oats In Coats

As you all know, I am a sucker for Facebook and Instagram ads. Because I have found so many new food companies this way over the past 18 months time. Recently I saw one for Oats In Coats. They were offering a 6 pack sampler on their ad. It turned out to be a good buy. The order was shipped the same day I bought it, and because they drop ship on the West Coast just over on the mainland from our island, I got my order the next day. The drop shipping is a great idea – normally it would take a week to ship from the East Coast.

But the real draw? The oatmeal in a cup is Top 10 Allergen free (and free of 14 major allergens). This means our youngest, Alistaire, can eat it safely. It gives me a new item to tuck into our choices of food to take along. And for me? It is sweetened with Monk Fruit and is low in sodium (100 mg a serving/the whole cup). Add in that all you need is boiling water and a 4 minute steeping time.

These work great to have on hand for emergency meals or yes, to take backpacking. Each cup needs ½ cup water, meaning a hot breakfast that doesn’t need a lot of water. Perfect for the coming chilly fall months. The cups have a mix of gluten-free oats, dried fruit and dried vegetables.

The cups are not necessarily cheap, but you are buying quality ingredients and it’s not just a cup of cheap powdered oats, fake flavoring and sugar. You get what you pay for here.



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