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Local Adventures: Noble Creek Transit Park

When I moved back to Whidbey Island in 2018, driving into Langley, I noticed across from the Whidbey Fairgrounds, on Camano Avenue, is a park and ride. It’s not a big one, but is carved into the woods, next to the fire station.

And you might think…”Sarah, you “hiked” a park and ride?” Yes. Yes, I did.

I would park there and walk into town, because the tiny village of Langley sucks for parking, especially if you drive a bigger vehicle like our truck. I had noticed the green area around the parking, and the signs, so recently I had a lot of time to burn, with the boys in a summer class nearby. So I got walking, and headed up to the Noble Creek Transit park and ride. It was dedicated in 2012, and looked far different then. It has matured a lot in the past 9 years.

A park bench to enjoy the green.

Using the park and ride as a rain garden.

Rebuilding forest and protecting a seasonal stream.

Walking back into the shade. One note though? There is a lot of Stinging Nettle, so be careful.

Park and rides are needed, so why not make them useful?

The path is short, but lovely to walk on a hot day in the shade.

A changing forest of Alder, Stinging Nettles, Huckleberries, Salal and many more plants.

It’s not a “hike”, it’s a few moments in life. Park, get out and go look around. Take children, show them the plants, read the information boards. Walk into town, or visit the tiny park nearby. Not every adventure must be big. We must pay attention to the small things being done in our communities, to make the world a better place.


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