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Backpacking Meal Review: Patagonia Provisions Organic Kamut® Khorasan Bulgur Wheat Meals

When I was in college there was a local natural food co-op in town. The deli was different….to 18 year old Sarah. This was before the connection was made that you could have both organic/natural dishes and that they could also taste awesome. Somehow the deli always served weird (to me then) salads made of odd grains and heavy on the bitter greens. There was always an earthy flavor. I tried so hard to be a good 90’s hippie and eat the salads. I was progressive! So much parsley and lemon juice. It felt like rabbit food, but that meant I was healthy. Worse were the stir fry dishes my well meaning friends kept trying to make, full of kale and cashews and undercooked vegetables, served over crunchy brown rice. But I sat there and chewed. A lot. While in my tye-dye shirt and peasant skirts.

This car had a lot of good memories in it…..

Somewhere out there are people who love eating at The Hippy Hut™…where the chewing is long, and the grains carry the essence of the ground they grew in. If that is you, then you will love Patagonia Provisions Organic Kamut® Khorasan bulgur wheat meals. They’d pair with cold pressed carrot and ginger juice shots. Helps flush all the parsley out of your teeth after…..

If you are more like me….I am going to say do not buy these meals. I consider myself to have a pretty open view of food, and I will try most anything. I love fresh unprocessed food, we are farmers after all. But these meals just brought back memories of my childhood eating lunch at the local vitamin shop, of spirulina Shakes, tofu hot dogs and spouted wheat buns. And twirling at Dead shows.

Organic Green Kale + KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat Savory Grains.

I tried a bite. I couldn’t get past it. The kale is so overwhelming in the dish. I try to not gloss over when I don’t like meals. This went straight into the compost.

Organic Mushroom + KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat Savory Grains.

This version was considerably better. However, the combination of cracked wheat, quinoa and mushrooms is very, very earthy in taste. While I would have eaten it if I had been very hungry, after a couple bites I was done. Life is too short to eat calories I don’t like, when I don’t need them.

The gist of it is….if you like this type of food, you will like it. It rehydrates perfectly. The packaging is minimal. It is certified organic, lower in sodium, good source of wheat based protein, has fiber and decent calories. However, you will need to prep the meals in a pot, bag or insulated mug – the packaging isn’t “cook in” as most freeze-dried meals are. The other positive is the meals are around $7 each, making them one of the most affordable meals on the market.


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  1. I love the brutal honesty! So many seem disingenuous for fear on hurt someone feelings.
    Thank you.

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