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Backpacking Meal Review: Packit Gourmet Santa Fe Breakfast Corn Pudding

Packit Gourmet’s Santa Fe Breakfast Corn Pudding might be listed as breakfast, but it makes a great meal anytime of the day.

It’s not polenta, nor is it corn meal mush, instead it is a smooth and thick bowl of comfort food.

Studded with fire roasted corn, green chilies and lots of cheddar jack cheese, it will warm you up inside. It’s not spicy, but has great flavor.

It’s easy to prep as well: 1 cup boiling water, add into the bag and stir well. Seal tightly and let sit 10 minutes.

Pro tip…at 5 minutes, open up and stir well, then reseal. The instant polenta used can clump up. Before serving, stir really well to mix the cheese in. If it does clump, it’s still tasty.


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