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Book Review: Getting To The Water’s Edge

In the past year a new edition of Getting To The Water’s Edge was printed, the 3rd edition. The 2nd edition was well used by us, and I was very happy to see a more up to date version finally be published.

The book covers both Whidbey and Camano Islands, which makes up Island County. In the book you will find 69 beaches and quite a bit more to read, in full color.

The 2nd edition had been printed in 2006. It was 166 pages, the new edition is 198 pages.

To find a copy, use the link above and buy direct, or if in the area, it is sold at a number of locations on the islands. It’s not available on Amazon however.

This is the go to guide for accessing beach and tidelands legally (which is important in Washington State), and is well worth the $20 for the book. It also has detailed guides to marine life and such, making it also a guidebook for learning – and teaching. Bring it along for use in learning yourself, or it is a great addition to homeschooling.

There is one thing that bothers me though, they dropped the maps of the many trail systems out of the new edition. Instead they opted for maps of the whole islands, with each area tagged on it. Maybe the assumption is nowadays people would pull up a map from the Island County website, and use it on their phone. In 2006 that wasn’t the case. Still, it had a charm to it. And I’ll miss it. But then, I do have both copies, so lucky me! So keep that in mind.

Buying the book helps with the marine stewardship on the islands and encourages outdoor activities. It is a highly recommended addition to your outdoor book shelf if you are considering visiting Whidbey or Camano Islands.


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