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Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

I don’t often make fruit leather because for the amount of fruit needed and the time required….it honestly is easier to simply buy it. Unless you are seeking out the more unusual flavors! Kiwi is not a fruit leather you will easily find in a grocery store. The recipe is open ended – use what you have on hand and add trays as needed on your dehydrator.

On the island there is a non-profit grocery store that every few months runs “fill a bag” deals on produce and I never leave money on the table. I pack those bags with a game plan. Yesterday I brought home 3 bulging bags of produce for $50. I canned up a huge batch of pasta sauce, canned orange juice, and canned pickled red onions, then got out the dehydrator. I had 9 kiwi on hand (3 were golden kiwi, 6 were the normal green ones).

And yeah, this isn’t for the kids. This is for Mama’s backpack! Too classy for them…….

Kiwi Fruit Leather


  • Ripe Kiwi
  • Raw honey


Turn on the dehydrator to 135*.

Cut parchment paper to fit (we use a a L’EQUP dehydrator that has a center opening, so I cut a circle out of the paper). If you have liners, use them, but unless they are silicone, still use parchment paper on top. Fruit leather sticks pretty badly to the older style plastic liquid liners.

Wash Kiwi, dry off and peel. Cut into 4 pieces, add to a food processor or blender. For 9 Kiwi I added about 3 Tablespoons honey to sweeten. Use to taste, the golden kiwi I used add sweetness on their own

Process until smooth (our food processor is hand cranked, so it is gentle to fruit).

Spread thinly on the prepped trays. 9 kiwi fills one large tray. Keep it from the edges so it doesn’t leak over.

Check after 3 hours. It may take up to 24 hours depending on your dehydrator.

Once it is mostly dry (tacky, but not wet), flip it over so the top gets exposed to the fan as well.

Once not tacky, peel off the parchment paper and let the back side get some air time.

Take off while pliable, but not tacky wet.

Let cool, then wrap up in new parchment paper and store sealed tightly.


Does it need honey? No, but you may find it is very tart to eat. Honey never fully dries so it keeps the fruit leather a bit more pliable as well.


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