Trail Cooking

Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

Fudge. It's a sugary delight that most people love, but never think of hauling along on a hike. However, when the sun is low, and the temperature is cold, fudge can be the best snack you could carry. Oh sure, a treat made of sugar and fat isn't sexy in the age of Keto &… Continue reading Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

Food Finds

Food Review: Legendary Foods

I am a sucker for ads on Instagram for sampler packs, where for a few dollars for shipping you get a nice bundle to try out. Sometimes the stuff sucks, but then I find huge superstars I will keep buying. Legendary Foods is one of those. The sampler deal shows on both Facebook and Instagram,… Continue reading Food Review: Legendary Foods

Trail Cooking

Five Trail Snacks To Make

It's far too easy to get into the habit of taking along bland energy bars. Far better to visit flavor town...just a bit of work will have you on the trail with great options. All freeze well for long term snacks. Just grab and let thaw on the way to the trailhead. Of the 5… Continue reading Five Trail Snacks To Make

Trail Cooking

Allergy Friendly Trail Mix

Most trail mixes commercially made are a nightmare for nut/peanut allergies. Even the "safer" ones, made with seeds, can be a real issue. Alistaire hasn't had trail mix since he developed his sunflower allergy when he was around 4 years old. Even then, seeds are often packaged or processed in the same facility as nuts… Continue reading Allergy Friendly Trail Mix

Trail Cooking

Coconut Granola Bars

No-cook/bake granola bar recipes are often heavy on peanut butter/nut butters, which while tasty, pose a huge challenge to those with food allergies. I set out to make a bar that was allergy friendly for our youngest son. He loves the bars, and it's such a different taste, you might not want to go back… Continue reading Coconut Granola Bars