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Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

I am a sucker for Facebook and Instagram ads, and the pandemic only made it I suddenly saw so many products I could buy direct (yes, even tortillas.....and so much more. I have kept UPS busy.). But the one ad that really caught my eye was for Kween Granola Butter. was Top 14… Continue reading Food Review: Kween Granola Butter

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The Easiest Best Fudge Ever

Yeah, yeah....I get it. It is January 15th and I should still be posting recipes about kale & quinoa. Or the dinner I made last night which was a meatloaf enrobed over a head of cauliflower....but I digress, Trailcooking has never been about eating healthy. One has to balance that out with a bit of… Continue reading The Easiest Best Fudge Ever

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Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

I don't often make fruit leather because for the amount of fruit needed and the time honestly is easier to simply buy it. Unless you are seeking out the more unusual flavors! Kiwi is not a fruit leather you will easily find in a grocery store. The recipe is open ended - use what… Continue reading Dehydrating Kiwi Fruit Leather

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Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

Fudge. It's a sugary delight that most people love, but never think of hauling along on a hike. However, when the sun is low, and the temperature is cold, fudge can be the best snack you could carry. Oh sure, a treat made of sugar and fat isn't sexy in the age of Keto &… Continue reading Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

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Food Review: Legendary Foods

I am a sucker for ads on Instagram for sampler packs, where for a few dollars for shipping you get a nice bundle to try out. Sometimes the stuff sucks, but then I find huge superstars I will keep buying. Legendary Foods is one of those. The sampler deal shows on both Facebook and Instagram,… Continue reading Food Review: Legendary Foods