Cold Creek Trail: Twin Lake

A short trail tucked away from the business of Snoqualmie Pass is Twin Lake, that uses Cold Creek Trail #1303 to arrive to a quiet lake, set in the forest with mountain views. See this article by Karen Sykes for how to get there.

The trailhead starts right off of the forest service road, and disappears into the forest, offering a cool hike on hot days on the eastern side of the Cascade Crest.

The hike is relatively flat and is only a short mile long, making it a perfect hike for young children.

Walker and I on the trail.

Cold Creek. The trail is dappled with sun.

Twin Lake with mountain views.

My friend Jennifer and her children, who love going toe dipping into the lake.

Walker laying around at the lake, happy to be having a day in the mountains with Mama.


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