Naches Pass Jeep Trail 4 Wheeling

In an alternative universe I sometimes find myself riding shotgun in a 2000 Nissan Xterra, with a bunch of other people who love theirs just as much. We spent a night at American Ridge Lodge (home of the most vast multiple stall outhouse you will ever find….) on the Eastern crest of Chinook Pass, camping out. In the morning we all got up and headed out to do the Naches Pass Jeep Xterra Trail.

Ours is the one with lights on.

We headed out to Little Naches River, and headed up into the forest on FS 19, and onto a maze where we eventually picked up the trail. The menfolk were having a fun filled time. And so was I till we went around a tight turn involving a massive tree stump and I was looking down at Kirk.

Once we hit the open subalpine areas I decided to walk in front. The boardwalk was ever so pleasant I felt.

I walked the easiest part I suppose, but it was nice to get out.

And the line of vroom vrooms gets longer.

Marking in 1853 when a group of idiots pioneers, showed up here, soon to be cliffed out a few miles away, yet they would break their wagons down and lower themselves to the nowadays White River Valley with ropes. We have them to thank for this.

We reached the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, where a large area is for parking. While the rest of the group (and a token Jeep) hung out I went for a walk.

Is it not just another way to get to where I wanted to be?

I walked South on the PCT to Government Meadows and visited Urich Cabin, before I had them calling me back.

You’d almost swear this magical cabin in the woods had evil fairies waiting for you….

Or more that it is a cool place, but I never have felt the call to sleep in it.

With that I hiked back to the trucks and got in.

We backtracked down the boardwalk, then jumped onto the road that parallels the trail, and took it back, bypassing the “fun” parts. The road itself was a great drive out.


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