PCT Hiking – Kendall Katwalk

The first time I hiked to Kendall Katwalk on the Pacific Crest Trail was 2003. We had just moved to King County in the spring, and I worked my way East up the I-90 hikes as the snow melted. Somewhere I have a picture of Ford and I at the end of the Katwalk. He… Continue reading PCT Hiking – Kendall Katwalk


Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes

Deadwood Lakes was a hike I had heard of from the late Karen Sykes, long ago. She had pushed me to try the hike through our chats, and she gave me the pro tip of finding the "trail" from across the highway, half a mile up the Pacific Crest Trail. It was easy to pick… Continue reading Fisherman Paths: Deadwood Lakes