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Commercial Meal Review: Thrive Life’s Butter Chicken

Thrive Life has brought out three new freeze-dried meals this fall, and the boys picked which we’d try first, with them wanting to try out the Butter Chicken first.

As with the other Thrive Life meals, it is add hot water and let wait 10 or so minutes (though at high altitude I would give 15 minutes). The meals come in a mylar bag, rated for 20 years storage.

The Butter Chicken is technically 3 servings on the package, but honestly I would say this meal is 2 servings. Across the board I have found the Thrive meals to be very filling, but this one seemed a bit light in portions.

Ingredients and calorie counts.

Open up and remove the oxygen absorber.

It takes 1 cup water, which boils very fast.

We’ve had a strong set of cold weather this week, pushing down from the Frasier River Valley in Canada. With frost on the ground, I pulled out an FBC Cozy to stick the bag into. I try to keep a fare playing field when it comes to rehydration.

I let it sit for 10 minutes.

This was a very good tasting meal. It’s got plenty of spices added, but it isn’t “hot”. The chicken and vegetables turned out well. The youngest really liked it.

It’s just ethnic to taste great, but it won’t scare those who are not adventurous eaters.

One warning: Do not use white or light colored utensils to eat it with. It is high in turmeric, which will stain it – and your clothing/fingers. Just keep that in mind.


FTC Disclaimer: We bought the product reviewed, all thoughts are ours.

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