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Food Find: Ruvi Smoothies

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you are sure to have seen ads for freeze-dried smoothies. There are 2 companies in the market pushing it, Ruvi and Kencko. I was doing research on both companies and was going to do a comparison of the two. However, Kencko doesn’t sell a trial or starter kit, they require a monthly subscription. I don’t like that if it is something I am going to review here. I mean, I might personally like it and sign up, but I’d like to try it first.

Ruvi sells both one time orders, and a monthly delivery if you want it. So I ended up ordering from them, and not from Kencko. I had reached out to Kencko to ask if they had a trial and was told no. Oh well! And further, Kencko makes you put in your name, address and email to “see if they ship in your area”. I don’t like that. I did do it and they sent me so many emails. Not cool. You cannot see prices without doing that step. I didn’t have to give any information to look at the Ruvi shop.

Since I wasn’t sure I’d like it or not, I paid shipping. It shipped quickly and I had my order within a couple days (it comes out of Utah).

Ruvi was started by Thrive Life and spun off as an independent business, so yes, the items used in the smoothies are high quality. Thrive Life does their own freeze-drying in Utah.

Each of the flavors is a mix of vegetables, fruit and berries. Nothing else added. I really liked the red one. It just tasted SO fresh.

The bottle weighs in at 5½ ounces. It is a great bottle, and doesn’t leak, even with vigorous shaking. It rinses out easily. Also make a great water bottle.

And who knew I’d like butternut in a smoothie?

It isn’t to say these are cheap. With how I bought them I paid $3.88 a smoothie. Yes, if you order more the price goes down. However, I enjoyed them. The flavors were rich, bright and fresh. They are a whole food mix. Meaning they contain fiber and all the nutrients that it would if you were eating fresh fruit and vegetables. You could mix it with water, dry milk (cow or non dairy) or even protein powder, to customize it. The way I looked at it, this is an easy way to satisfy the intense craving you can get for fresh fruit/berries on trips and get hydrated – with a lot of naturally sourced vitamins (such as potassium). They are naturally low sodium and have nothing else added. Non-GMO, vegan, no coloring, flavors or sugar piled in. They are nut, peanut, gluten and dairy free.

These I will buy again, and carry in my backpack this year. Paired with some jerky, who needs a separate lunch?


FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but all thoughts are our own. We paid for the merchandise reviewed.

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