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Food Review: Peak Refuel Chili Mac 2 Ways

In this review of Peak Refuel’s Chili Mac meals, we tried out the Beef Chili Mac and the vegan Three Bean Chili Mac. Both retail for $12.99 and can also be sourced online at Amazon. Both meals have a similar profile, yet are distinctly different. Peak Refuel as a brand has relatively clean meals (no fillers) and are high in protein (they are known for their ample meat in the meals).

In reviewing their line I have found nearly every meal they make to be good…..but today there was one that was a complete fail. And the winner….is very clear.

Two ways to have Chili Mac.

The meat version, Beef chili Mac.

I followed the directions but I found that after 10 minutes sit time, the meat version needed more water. It calls for 1 1/3 cups water, 1 1/2 would have been better. The sauce was thick, dry and clumped around the pasta. The meal smelled off to me that the entire sauce was “burnt” if you will. I tried a small bite and just could not eat it. At all. Ford tried it, and agreed. It just did not taste good. He noted it tasted like it was “old and burnt”. The smell of the meal was a turn off.

I don’t know if we just got a bad batch, but this was not an edible meal. It left me wondering if it is a bad batch because the reviews were mostly good for it online. But I cannot recommend this meal. At all.

The vegan version, Three Bean Chili Mac.

In the vegan version, the water called for was correct. The sauce is far lighter and wraps around the pasta. For everything wrong with the meat version, the vegan one was delicious. It tasted like a hearty winter casserole, had good texture with the beans, vegetables and the pasta. No TVP or fake meat. It was quite tasty. I fully recommend this choice.


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