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RightOnTrek Meal Plan Review

I love the approach of RightOnTrek‘s Adventure Meal plans.

It is simplicity. What it reminded me was of meal kits, like Hello Fresh and similar. Everything you need, ready to go. One bag per day. Customized for you.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot drinks and snacks. Plus all the condiments you might need.

Check out a recent post by them on their blog, which I might add…has an incredible coupon code through February 28th, for 50% off your first order!

Their Adventure Meals are easily planned. Just enter in how many days you are going to need, and if it is for you, or for a group/family.

You can have it be a surprise, or have set preferences, Set how many calories you are looking for. Do you want hot beverages? Condiments? Do you like moderately spicy food? Dairy-free? Vegetarian?

If you decide to set your own preferences then it lets you pick what to put in each day. Breakfast and dinner include RightOnTrek’s meals, which are all easy to prepare.

A day’s worth of meals/snacks. That is quite a bit of food! Coffee, cider, hot breakfast and dinner, cold lunch, even a Stroopwafle cookie hidden in the back, along with delicious chocolate from Theo.


Egg Cheese Mushroom and Onion Scramble.

All the condiments included that you might need or want. Cooking oil and hot sauce ready to go. I did my prep a bit different, but that was my personal preference – I soaked the vegetables separately, then added them to the eggs, and whisked it up with a fork. And then cooked them up. I like my vegetables well rehydrated is why. Less tummy aches that way.

The end result? Eggs ready to eat, without a lot of work on your part, that have a great texture and taste. You can do this meal in any cook pot, even in a 1.1 or 1.3 liter pit, or on a frypan lid of a 2 liter pot. Being eggs, this is one of the few meal types where I recommend you use non-stick, for easy cleanup.


Dinner was Chicken Alfredo Pasta.

Quick to make, easy to clean up, even though it requires cooking in a pot, it doesn’t stick to the pot. Just wipe your pot out once you finish eating, and do a quick rinse.

I enjoyed the flavors in it. It is comfort food. Our bag had hot sauce in a daily condiment package, and give it a bit if you like a hint of heat in your noodles.

The roundup:

The simplicity of having all you need, ready to go, is huge for those who don’t have spare time, or wanting to figure out what they need. Easy to pack your food bag or bear canister as well. Stuff in and go.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product for review, all opinions and thoughts are ours.

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