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Meal Review: Cold Prep Lunch and Dessert

Fall is here and it’s time to take the hikes where a heartier lunch comes along with us. But it’s also not so cold that it is stove season, with cooking time added to our hikes. The boys and I tested a couple meals from Packit Gourmet this week that are both cold prep (just add water, and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes).

Texas Two-Step Turkey Wrap. Just tuck in your choice of carb, be it bread or tortillas.

Give it a full 15 minutes to rehydrate. I will say this…if you are hiking at altitude and it is cold, I would suggest using warmed water to prep it, as the vegetables will plump up better. Otherwise, cold prep works fine! It’s a great filling, with a great texture. Serves 2 (if you use street size tacos, I suggest 4 total). This filling would also work well tossed with hot pasta, or over rice, for a hot dinner.

Boston Cream Parfait. And you don’t quite need all the water called for. The majority of the water is used heated to warm up the tube of fudge topping. But, if like where we live, Fall is temperate, you can just squeeze it on. I would though warm it up in chillier times (such as winter camping), but you could also just pop the tube in your jacket to warm up.

This pudding matches the flavor expectation totally. If you love stuffed donuts, you will love this. Creamy pudding, crunchy cake croutons and thick fudge. Just buy this one. Unless you are that one person “I don’t like sweets or I don’t like pudding” who probably does…and is secretly eating this in their tent after everyone else goes to sleep.


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