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Local Adventures: A Morning In Freeland

Last week we had a day when Kirk needed to record, so he needed silence. That meant it was time for a morning out. So how does one work that into homeschooling and to work an outdoor adventure into it? I just don’t over think it at this point. I took them back to an area we had explored before, Freeland Park, which is in town in Freeland, on Holmes Harbor (the protected side of Whidbey Island, that faces Camano Island and the mainland).

Being that we had to leave early, we had breakfast at Crabby Coffee (also known as Wi-Fire due to being at the local Whidbey Telecom location) in Freeland.

$6 makes a good choice when I have hungry children.

Is there ever a bad time for biscuits and gravy?

After loading up, we waddled out and headed to the beach.

The tide was out ultra low, and we followed it till the sand got too boggy, and turned more into mud flats. We were able to go out considerably far till – that is where we stopped for safety. Lots to roam and look at, plenty of shells from clams and oysters. It has circle depressions all over which act as tiny tide pools, as you walk out farther in the low tide zone.

Many barnacles were revealed, this one was on both sides of the shell.

We came back up to the park and enjoyed some last of the year blackberries.

Picked wild Nootka rosehips, to take home, and we made tea with them (and saved the seeds to grow plants with).

Work that schooling in on the side, with reading about how to keep water clean and going where it needs to.

Pom poms! (OK, no, but I am hilarious).

You can find a lot to do if you poke around and have the time. Nothing hard, just a pleasant morning out.


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