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Local Adventures: Maxwelton Outdoor Classroom

This adventure falls under two categories: hiking and homeschooling. The Maxwelton Outdoor Classroom was a place the kids got to go to 2 times a year in school. Once in Fall, once in Spring. Each visit we would study new things about nature and the ecosystem. Maxwelton Creek runs through it, and is one of two Salmon bearing streams on Whidbey Island, so it holds a lot of importance to our island. With no one in school in person, Whidbey Watersheds set up a visit in person that anyone can do, to learn more about the area.

But first? Hot donuts from Robbie’s Donuts in Freeland. You must get carbed up first!

Finding the Outdoor Classroom one needs to pay attention, it is easy to drive by.

There is parking on the side of the road (where school busses normally park) and spaces in a small lot.

The stewards must have had fun producing the signs to follow and learn from, they are all on recycled political signs. Great repurposing.

I am homeschooling our boys this year, and we are trying to go on educational field trips weekly, incorporating hiking into it. We can cover science, art, gym and more on our trips. Far more fun than doing paperwork.

Take the children, and let them read away!

There are trails that wind off as you walk the main path towards the Outdoor Classroom. You won’t get lost though!

My boys hear this all the time from me…..

Getting to pass off talking about septic fields as schoolwork is awesome while hiking!

Love Maples in Fall.

Best excuse to get out of raking!

Don’t be a forest stomper?

No kidding. Washington State is one of the most draconian states….and the outdoors is the only thing keeping many of us dealing with it all.

Trees. Lots and lots of trees.

This mouse sure knows a lot…..

Then I get to hand the boys their nature journals and tell them to get drawing!

A bittersweet part of our hike was this sign. Walker is in 5th grade, and this was his year to help with raising baby salmon in class. Well, nope. Not this year. It is so disappointing. Just another reminder of how much the children are losing every month.

A good reminder there, naked mouse.

The early Fall storms had taken down a couple rotten Alder trees, one of which was covering a section of creek.

Hanging out with the fungi.


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