Trail Cooking

Cold Sunny Beach Time and One Pot Mac n’ Cheese

Walker and Alistaire got their school work done early today so we headed to the library in town. With a sunny, but chilly, day we decided to head to the beach near our place on the south end of Whidbey Island.

The tide was out low with a drop down from the above high tide beach, to the low tide beach. Lots of tracks in the wet, packed sand. Plenty of Seagull pressings, who had been enjoying clams and mussels aplenty.

We walked the beach, with the Olympic Mountains across the Salish Sea. This morning it was 32* out and the Olympics were icy clear, with fresh snow from last weekend. During the day the clouds would roll in and out over the peaks. The boys didn’t mind the cold, they were having fun.

Walker wanted to work on trail cooking so I set him up and we worked together to make mac n’ cheese in a 2 L pot. Simple, easy and I knew he’d love it.

A 10 year old loves trashy food and I let him have a (GASP!) box of Velveeta Shells with the squeeze sauce. He picked out freeze-dried peas to add to the meal.

He’s hooked on cooking, so yay on that!

I told him where to find the shelf stable bacon and he grabbed it. Apparently Mom knows a few good things.

We haven’t quite gotten to washing all the cooking gear, but hey, he made me a snack so who am I to complain?


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