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Meal Review: Food For The Sole Green Bean Cashew Stir Fry

I recently picked up the Taster Pack from Food For The Sole, which showcases 7 meals in sampler sizes. It’s a great way to try out all of their the meals and see what you think – without a huge price commitment. I picked it up on Amazon, but a week later the sampler box isn’t up anymore, but you can order it directly from the company. I highly recommend the box to get an idea of what their meals taste like. The sample bags are little mini bags of the big ones, in the 200+ calorie range. Find the full size single serving on Amazon here.

Three notes about this meal. These are not necessarily negatives, but are things I do feel should be mentioned.

  1. It contains cashews, and may contain peanut oil.
  2. It is on the salty side. The full size single serving meal has around 1600 mg sodium.
  3. The Yakisoba noodles contain artificial coloring (which is common in this type of noodles).

We tired this meal out when Alistaire was at school, so we could enjoy the cashews (it is one of his worst allergies). We did a 20 minute rehydration, insulated. The texture of the pasta, carrots and cashews were right on. The salty broth is quite delicious, and would be great for summer evenings when you are dehydrated and need salt. I had a thought about the sauce: Making up a bag of 1/2 cup instant rice on the side would be good, and using it soak up the extra sauce, as one would do at Mongolian grill restaurants. It would also bump up the calorie content quite a bit (the meal has around 500 calories per serving).

The odd downside was the green beans. They are dehydrated, not freeze-dried, and even after 20 minutes were chewy. Dried green beans often have this issue so I wasn’t shocked. I just didn’t like the texture personally of the beans.

Having said that, it is a tasty meal.


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