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Meal Review: Wild Zora Bedrock Beef Chili and Summit Savory Chicken

For the times when you need a go-to brand, and don’t have the time to make your own meals – or source out free range chicken and/or grass-fed beef.

Wild Zora meals are a favorite brand of ours, particularly for our youngest son. The meals are all gluten-free, and the dinners are a safe choice for his food allergies. That they are high in protein, with reasonable sodium levels is even more to why we get them for him. If you follow Paleo eating, and appreciate grass-fed beef, this may become a favorite brand.

Served alone the meals are filling for one person. However, if served over a carb choice, such as rice or wrapped up as burritos, it could serve 2 people. The meals are mostly meat and vegetables with a bit of broth left over. What you don’t get is a thick, gloopy sauce like so many freeze dried meals come with. No gums, no thickeners. Nothing fake. The meals are not cheap, at $12.95 each, but you get what you pay for.

Bedrock Beef Chili:

It isn’t chili like one might think of, but it is great tasting. The sweet potato chunks are the star of the meal. The spices are warming. This one would make a burrito filling, and if you eat dairy, cheddar cheese added on top. Or on top of mashed potatoes. And this is why I love Wild Zora meals – Alistaire and I can eat them plain, or use them to create a huge meal to share.


Summit Savory Chicken:

The Summit Savory Chicken I served over a bowl of spicy polenta. I love chicken and greens, and it delivers. It’s a mild flavored meal, so it pairs well with spicy foods (personally if eating it plain, a few hits of hot sauce would take it there).

I feel the meals are worth the cost, simply as the ingredients cost more. The one tip is let the meals rehydrate for a full 15 minutes, and if at altitude, or in cool weather, use a cozy to insulate the bag.


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