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Revisiting Recipes: Hiker’s Pantry Fudge


It’s a sugary delight that most people love, but never think of hauling along on a hike. However, when the sun is low, and the temperature is cold, fudge can be the best snack you could carry. Oh sure, a treat made of sugar and fat isn’t sexy in the age of Keto & Paleo, but whatever. Sometimes old school is what works. That punch of sugar and fat will fuel you when you are getting cold as the sun sets at 4’ish pm….(it snowed last night. At like 20 feet above sea level.)

Hiker’s Pantry Fudge

It is simple to make, uses common ingredients you probably have in your kitchen, and requires no cooking. Maybe it is more like carvable frosting, but don’t let that bother you……it’s also peanut and nut free – and gluten-free. If you are avoiding dairy, use powdered coconut milk and a plant-based vegan margarine.

See here for the recipe.

Looking for more ideas of fat/sugar bombs to carry this coming winter? Check out some of my favorite fudge recipes here:


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