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Trail Food Review: Wild Roots Foods Powdered Eggs

Wild Roots Foods has a powdered egg being sold at Costco locations in the PNW currently. It comes in a box of 6 6-ounce packets. Each packet is approximately 13 eggs.

It can be found on Amazon for those not in the PNW of the US.

I am always hesitant with powdered eggs. Some are great, most are meh. I have very poor memories of dried eggs in the early years of my backpacking. There was little as unappetizing as an omelette from Natural High back in 2001. There wasn’t enough cheese or hot sauce to drown those down with…..

So, the pros and cons of Wild Roots:

It is a silky powder. Pack at home. It will get everywhere. Bag it up in snack size zip top bags. 2 eggs is 4 Tablespoons egg powder + 6 Tablespoons cold water. Mark each bag with how much water to add.

Mixing it up: The egg powder dissolves quickly, similar to how Ova Easy brand does. You don’t need a whisk, nor even a fork. Add the cold water to the bag, seal tightly and shake/gently roll in your hands to blend it. The mixture will be golden colored and thick.

Use a nonstick pan (I use cast iron and stainless steel at home, but on trail I am not scrubbing pots….) and liberally use oil or butter for cooking the eggs. Keep the eggs moving for the fastest scramble, over a medium flame or lower. Don’t walk away while cooking them, they cook fast.

Salt the eggs.

Thoughts on taste and texture:

The texture is pretty close to fresh eggs.

Taste is on the lacking side – but this is common in all powdered eggs.

Aroma isn’t the best. It’s just flat smelling to me. However, let it be known our dog thought this was the best meal all week…..

Powdered eggs do work for scrambled eggs, but work best as part of a meal. If you want it as eggs, do it as an omelette, with veggies, cheese, etc added in a flavor booster.

So: Served plain I’d eat them if I was hungry with nothing else to eat, but in meals, they are great and work well. You don’t have to worry about breaking eggs or spoilage.

And they are very easy to use, store, and at a decent price.

Recipe Ideas:

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