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Seahurst Park

Seahurst Park in Burien is a well loved and popular park on the Puget Sound. It’s also popular for field trips and today’s trip was with Walker’s class.

Seahurst is an oddity in a busy urban city. Once down in the park it is easy to forget there is a busy street at the top of the ridge. A stream and wetland area sits next to the lower parking area. Most visitors will have to walk downhill from the massive parking lot above however.

The beach at the park is typical Puget Sound saltwater. It is rocky with a lot of slimy rocks, so tread carefully at low tide.

It does host a lot of sea life.

Moon Snail, this one was twice the size of my hand.

We wandered up into the woods, as there is a research center up there, with lots of space to sit on and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Salmon berries starting to ripen, on the edge of the forest.

Native wild Nootka Roses, forming thickets between the water and the forest.

The park has a playground, hiking trails, bathrooms, picnic areas and a lot more to enjoy for an hour or afternoon.


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