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Local Adventures: Mulkiteo Lighthouse Park

Tucked into the bottom of the hill, on Possession Sound is the Mulkiteo Lighthouse and park. The lighthouse was there long before the park was, because the park was created when someone got the idea to fill in the water with fill to create more land. The lighthouse was built in 1906, and was connected… Continue reading Local Adventures: Mulkiteo Lighthouse Park


Nolte State Park

The loop trail around Nolte State Park and Deep Lake is what I call an 11 month hike - that it is hikeable nearly all year. Only the rare low elevation snow stops it. In late winter/early spring it is a great leg stretcher with children when the mountains are still buried in snow. The… Continue reading Nolte State Park


Franklin Ghost Town

Tucked in the foothills along the Green River canyon is the trail to Franklin Ghost Town and beyond the cemetery. It is a trail rich with history. Finding the trailhead can be the hardest part, so take your time and if you cross the narrow bridge over the Green River you have gone too far.… Continue reading Franklin Ghost Town

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Seahurst Park

Seahurst Park in Burien is a well loved and popular park on the Puget Sound. It's also popular for field trips and today's trip was with Walker's class. Seahurst is an oddity in a busy urban city. Once down in the park it is easy to forget there is a busy street at the top… Continue reading Seahurst Park


Ravensdale History Trail

A few miles out of the now bustling Maple Valley sits the quiet village of Ravensdale. Maple Valley slowly has grown to its limits, swallowing up as much as it can, yet in this quiet corner sits a King County park, with a short, but history rich trail to enjoy. The Ravensdale History Trail winds… Continue reading Ravensdale History Trail