Nolte State Park

The loop trail around Nolte State Park and Deep Lake is what I call an 11 month hike – that it is hikeable nearly all year. Only the rare low elevation snow stops it. In late winter/early spring it is a great leg stretcher with children when the mountains are still buried in snow. The trail is very child friendly (and the park has a great children’s playground for after the hike, if you hike counter clockwise). Dogs are welcome on leash, and it is a great trail for jogger strollers.

The park has a huge parking lot during the ‘open’ season, however when the park is ‘closed’ in winter you can park on the road outside the park and walk in. If the park is open you will need a Discover Pass.

Walk towards the lake to find the trailhead kiosks that often have informational posts about flowers, trees and even animals.

The trail is about a mile long, with gentle up and downs.

Deep Lake.

A couple lady friends and a bunch of small ones joined us (my kids were in school….I felt so alone!)

The trail often has peek a boo views of the lake as it winds around.

The forest is always pretty when the sun is out.

The big stump has been calling children for years to play on it, about half way around.


The back side of the lake.

This section is often cut off in summer as the lake levels drop.

The trail heads up in a short steep section to regain the high ground above the lake.

The trail is often open to the sun, with easy walking.

As the trail gets close to the finish the lake views and side trails down abound. To the right before the end of the loop is a couple short nature loops to the right that are nice to walk if one has time. The loop ends at the picnic areas and playground.


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