Ravensdale History Trail

A few miles out of the now bustling Maple Valley sits the quiet village of Ravensdale. Maple Valley slowly has grown to its limits, swallowing up as much as it can, yet in this quiet corner sits a King County park, with a short, but history rich trail to enjoy.

The Ravensdale History Trail winds around the park (home to many sports fields now and a really nice playground in the shade/picnic tables/restrooms). Park and walk over to the trailhead kiosk and start your walk. We went clockwise.

The trail has 14 signs to read – an excellent way to boost children’s education.

Positivity goes far.

Half of the trail wanders around an open field.

Ford leading Alistaire and Walker.

Early history.

The early settlement of the area.

When the railroads came.

The history of coal mining in the area.

History of Ravensdale.

Next door was Georgetown.

There was a very bad mine disaster (there is a well hidden cemetery in Ravensdale for the victims).

As Ravensdale shut down and went into quiet times.

Halfway through the walk, cross the road and continue on.

The history of the Gracie Hansen building is hilarious, and so worth the read.

Next to mining, logging was a huge part of the economy.

Mining towns had a lot of recreation to keep the workers happier.

Red Huckleberries abound in the park, on the edge of the forest.

Two happy little boys carrying their painted rock find.

At less than a mile and nearly flat the trail is enjoyable by most anyone.


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