Carbon River Backpack

Some weeks call for a backpacking trip that isn’t hard nor long. Carbon River, Mount Rainier National Park, in early summer is that. 4.5 miles each way with about 500 feet elevation gain. No snow as it sits in the 2,000 foot elevation profile. The hardest part is getting a free permit due to how popular it is.

The miles go by quickly. The trail is of course the old road and newer wide trail (as they run ATV’s on it).

The Carbon River flows where it likes, often in side channels that used to be the road.

It’s a nice walk most anytime.

Looking upriver towards the mountain, hidden in the clouds.

The bridge that replaced the log used for a few seasons after the road bridge blew out in 2006 over Ipsut Creek.

We picked space 7 to camp in (in the old car campground). Two little 1 women tents.

Dani hanging out at the bear box for our area. There are multiple ones, meaning you can store even your cooking gear and packs from rodents and bears.

We hiked through the campground to end of the road, and turned onto the Wonderland Trail.

This section goes through a fairy like forest, of tiny bridges, green moss and so many trees.

Bunchberry growing on a tree. It’s been there for many years.

The waterfall in a narrow canyon on Ipsut Creek. The side trail is well worth the short hike back. It is always so cool in the canyon.

After we headed back we went down to Ipsut Creek, near the bridge, to filter water for the evening.

Dinner cooking….

There is little like waking up in the morning in your tent, warm and snug. Sitting up and thinking about the coming day. With warm socks on.

View from my tent. Not a bad way to spend the morning.


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