Trail Memories: Summerland on The Wonderland Trail

I've been to Summerland along the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park a number of times over the years. The first time I visited there, was during my thru hike of the Wonderland Trail. I was exhausted once we got there, we had hiked up and over 2 ridges, and put on over 15… Continue reading Trail Memories: Summerland on The Wonderland Trail


Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake

When we rebuilt Trailcooking from ground up this past year, I lost every trip report I had written from 2004 to current when we couldn't transfer the older version of the blog. There are some hikes I truly loved that I never wrote about, including Pumpkin Seed Lake in the Olympic National Park, in Washington… Continue reading Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake


Green In The Outdoors

The past few years has brought environment, green living, zero waste, and minimalist living to a forefront in hiking and the outdoors (and beyond into daily life). The pitch is your life choices will save (or help) the environment. From articles to products, there is a lot out there. But are these recommendations actually good?… Continue reading Green In The Outdoors