The Carbon River Flood of 2006

The Carbon River at Mount Rainier National Park was long a problem. In many spots the road was below the height of the river - and it ran right next to the river, with a thin separation of trees. Not shockingly, it often got flooded in off season and the road was slowly being eaten… Continue reading The Carbon River Flood of 2006


Hiking to Tolmie Peak

To experience Tolmie Peak one must rise before dawn, in the middle of Summer, as the wildflowers are wakening. Sometime in mid to late July. The drive is long no matter which direction you come from, as you must drive hwy 165, which is a winding 2 lane road that then turns into a 2-ish… Continue reading Hiking to Tolmie Peak


Cross Country in Seattle Park

Cross country backpacking is to me what backpacking once was. Finding a campsite that will suit, and treading gently on the land. It isn't for everyone, and you must have compass and navigating skills and preferably a lot of nights under oneself before trying it. Always follow all rules, especially in National Parks. Tori, Ford… Continue reading Cross Country in Seattle Park