Talapus Lake

One of the most popular hikes on I-90 is Talapus Lake. It is short, accessible for much of the year (it does get snow covered but melts out early). The drawback is the lake is insanely popular and the road is often clogged with cars. Go on a weekday. When it is raining.

The trail starts as so many do in the PNW, in mid elevation forest, surrounded in green.

As the trail slowly and gently climbs it winds around a ridge, and eventually follows the outlet creek of the lakes, rushing downhill. It leaves the water to zig zag up the hill, and comes to the more gentle outlet creek for Talapus, that is easily crossed, usually with a semi rotten wood log bridge.

Talapus Lake.

Kirk and Ford checking out the many social paths down to the lake. It isn’t a subalpine lake, and has a lot more vegetation to deal with. There are a few spots though to sit at for a break.

The fall colors were still holding on a bit as we headed back down.


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