Margaret Lake

Margaret Lake is a treat of a hike. It’s not an easy hike, much of the trail is exposed to the hot sun on old logging roads, but the payoff is a lake that is quiet and oh so pretty.

The trail takes off heading uphill on old logging road.

It’s not super steep on the roads, but neither is it flat. It gets you going uphill, quickly.

The more trail like part splits off the old road. In this section we saw many low berry bushes.

Looking down at Lake Keechulus and I-90, just out of sight.

Looking East of Snoqualmie Pass, Mount Rainier in the distance.

As the trail enters the woods, and is on the ridge, you know a super K is a good sign!

Turn off for Margaret.

The trail is VERY steep, though short, as it heads down the ridge. Trekking poles are good to have. You may need to do vegetable belays and butt scooting, but it is not scary. Just steep.

Ford heading into the basin, as the trail leveled out into subalpine forest.

Lake Yvonne, a small pond before the big lake.

The basin is lush and green.

Margaret is a pretty lake. It is a classic Alpine Wilderness kind of lake. There are campsites and many places to kick back for a nap after lunch.

The bugs were not bad that day so we hung out for awhile.

The hike out we slowly walked the basin.

The views of the peaks around Snoqualmie Pass get better as you climb back up to the ridge.

Looking back at the backdrop to the lake, with the peaks in the distance.

The drive is long to the hike, but is well worth it to enjoy this pretty lake.


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