Lake Ann, North Cascades

Sitting below the summit of Highway 20, in the North Cascades is the trailhead for Heather Pass/Maple Pass. Long ago I did the loop high up with Ford, and we happened to be up there, so we decided to visit Lake Ann second time around.

Long, long ago sitting at the top, where we could look down to see the lakes, far below us.

The parking lot at Rainy Pass is large, and it holds many cars. Get out and look for the well marked trail.

The trail starts in the woods, and works it way up.

It opens up pretty quickly. You are likely to not be alone on the main trail. Unlike when Ford was tiny and we did the upper loop, the trail is immensely popular now.

Looking across the valley.

At about 1¼ miles the junction for Lake Ann comes up. Turn off onto it, taking a right to head down to the lake shore, about a third of a mile from the junction.

The short trail to the lake is full of green. There are plants growing everywhere, due to the high amount of water in the lake basin.

The trail is mostly flat and is walked fast as you approach the lake.

From the lake you can look up high to the hikers going to Heather and Maple Passes. It is bright in the basin. And in season, full of hungry bugs. We stopped to take photos and headed out.

I imagine in Fall, when the Larches turn color, this is a glorious place to sit once the bugs are gone.

The hike out of the basin has great views across the valley.

Looking back at the lake basin.

The hike heading out once we reached the junction went quickly.

Lake Ann is a pretty lake no doubt, and it is worth the quick side trip to visit it, if you are doing the loop. The view of the lake above is spectacular, as you can see the island in the lake.


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