Little Si

Little Si. It is in my belief a hike you do once. ONCE. It isn’t that you don’t get a nice hike, or an accomplishment. What you get is a hike that wanders all over, takes twice the time it should, is ungodly crowded and feels like you are in a city park, right up to the end where the trail feels like ball bearings were spilled. Or maybe I am simply a snob. Who knows. Bucket list done.

The trail starts off steep, right out of the parking lot and meanders all over, passing junctions. Stick with it.

Eventually you come to the one part that is worth it, the leveled out gentle hike in a narrow slot, full of green and trees. Enjoy this section.

As the trail pulls up and winds towards Little Si, there are some views worthy, looking down into a wild forest.

The summit of Little Si.

The top is rocky and open, tread gently and carefully. If you have children, this is a hand holding area.

From the summit look down to North Bend, only a few miles away. Mount Si is across the way, as are views towards Snoqualmie Pass.


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