Ranger Falls

In the days when the Carbon River Road was open Ranger Falls was an easy hike to take. It isn’t a hard hike but it is considerably longer to do, with the road being converted to trail. Hike is 8 miles round trip.

Start the hike at the entrance to Carbon River (Leave your National Park or America the Beautiful pass displayed in your vehicle), and walk the gentle and wide trail 3 miles to the trail to Ranger Falls. There is minimal elevation gain on the hike there. The area where the trailhead is wide and makes a great rest spot, by where Ranger Creek meets up with the Carbon River.

Start up the trail and enjoy the cool forest.

The trail is lush, with lots of plants crowding on the nurse logs and ground.

The trees in the forest are huge and old.

We went on a day with our heads in the clouds.

Ranger Falls pops out quickly, with a viewing area for enjoying it.

The falls are fast running and a nice misty spray to cool you off.

Green Lake is another 8 tenths of a mile beyond if you have the energy, sits below Tolmie Peak.


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