Middle Fork Trail

The MFK: Middle Fork Snoqualmie. Hiked in the days before the road was paved, and as the new car campground was being opened. It is a great hike most of the year, when the upper trails are covered in snow, but you want to be in the wilderness.

Ford hanging out in front of the trailhead.

Once the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River is crossed on the wide bridge, take a left onto the trail.

The trail passes through pretty forest, lit up by the sun.

The trail sees a lot of tree damage yearly from storms, so while it is usually in good shape, some year the trail can have trees down.

Shallow streams to hop over.

And so many trees.

Kirk ahead of me in an open area with snags.

Looking across the river valley.

Bunchberry (Creeping Dogwood)

Baby Devils Club.

Early season Blueberries setting berries in the sunny open sections.

Hike as far as you want. The trail is about 6 miles long along the river. Parts of it as it opens up are on old railroad bed, from long ago logging.


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