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Commercial Meal Review: Thrive Life Vegetable Pasta Primavera

Thrive Life has introduced two ready to go Freeze Dried Meals this month, with more to come. These are ready to make – rip the top and add boiling water.

The newest meal is vegetarian friendly. Thrive Life Vegetable Pasta Primavera:

While it doesn’t list “bag prep” on the back, I opened the pouch up, pulled out the oxygen packet, discarded it and added in the 2 cups boiling water called for. A good stir with a long handled spoon, seal the bag, and ignore for 10 to 15 minutes. Stir well, and dish up (or as we do….cut the top half of the bag off and eat out of the pouch. The mylar bags are the same as other brands use.

Everything rehydrated perfectly in this meal. At 10 minutes they needed a minute or two more. But it was totally fine for eating. That fresh air and exercise always make it so much better anyways.

These are not necessarily cheap, with a price of $16.11, but you get what you pay for when it comes to freeze-dried meals. And I feel this meal is actually worth that price. And yes, it has a 20 year shelf life.

Because the meal is vegetarian, it’s not as filling as if it had meat in it, but you won’t miss it. The sodium is reasonable enough, even if you eat the entire bag, at 1,030 mg. It might sound high, but compared to a similar Mountain House, it comes in lower. And has a far cleaner ingredient list. (Oh, and makes a third more as well!)

Ready to enjoy –

The Takeaway:

I would buy this again. Even at the higher price point of $16.11 per meal. It will fill you up, and it’s got great flavor. It’s a light meal, full of vibrant vegetables. And it’s not a salt lick, nor does it have a thick sauce that many freeze-dried meals have. It tastes like you made it yourself. Rather than it came out of a machine.


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