The Top Blog Posts of 2021….In Case You Missed Them

So what were the most viewed blog posts in 2021 on TrailCooking? A mix of subjects, from gear and food reviews, to me rambling, to trip reports.

Why Are Freeze-Dried Meals So Expensive?

This one got a lot of views, in a year when these meals crossed over $14 each.

Gear Review: Birkenstock Jackson Boots

Who knew a quick review of funky leather boots would get so much readership?

Local Adventures: Mystery Bay State Park

A tiny state park on the Olympic Peninsula where we reviewed a couple meals from Packit Gourmet on a cold day in winter.

Freezer Bag Cooking: The FBC Recipes That Started A Way

How FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) came to be.

Local Adventures: Possession Sound Preserve

A tiny new area that opened up in 2021 on Whidbey Island – it’s become a very popular hiking area for many reasons.

Gear Review: Hill People Gear Runner’s Kit Bag

When I got my first Kit Bag from Hill People Gear it changed a lot for me. I love mine so much….I bought a second one this winter.

Commercial Meal Review: Peak Refuel Dinners

Anytime I reviewed Peak Refuel meals this past year, they were popular. The meals are one of the best out there, so there is that.

Local Adventures: Beach View Farm Trail

Another Whidbey Island charmer, this newer property is a great hike. From farmland to the shores of the Salish Sea.

There I was….Trying To Eat The Worst Freeze Dried Meal

Why I started developing trailcooking recipes.

PCT Hiking: Section G (Mt. Hood to Cascade Locks)

When I rebuilt TrailCooking a couple years back I reposted a bunch of the section hikes I have done on the PCT. This one was oddly popular reading this past year. I have to think because it’s a section not a lot of people write about.


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