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Commercial Meal Review: Peak Refuel Dinners

I had originally planned on reviewing Peak Refuel meals last year, then came the Pandemic and they were sold out everywhere. It took a long time to be able to get my hands on them. Though they are well stocked now, both on their website and on Amazon. We picked up the “New Meal Pack” that has 6 meals. Peak Refuel ships free over $30, and I found the shipping time to be overall quick. The shelf life is 5 years from production date. Ours were made in the end of December 2020 and received in January.

Up first, we checked out two dinners, both I would classify as “comfort food” meals. Both meals didn’t require a lot of water (1 cup and under), and both have a pleasant smell when opened (some freeze dried meals are just weird smelling when you open them, from questionable ingredients), and the food inside looks like real food (big carrots for example). These meals are a higher step up from what many are used to.

Chicken Pesto Pasta.

This was a hands down winner. The boys loved it. The sauce isn’t heavy, starchy or gloopy. The noodles look and taste like real pasta. Often freeze dried meals have an odd pasta texture. This doesn’t have that. The amount of chicken is high in it, and it is real bit size, not flakes or meat dust.

I would buy this one again. And not share it. While it may not look like a lot of food at first, it fills you up quickly.  However, I would suggest serving it with some rehydrated peas or similar, to round it out.

So yes, this is worth the cost of the meal. Cost was $11.65 per meal as the 6 pack deal cut the cost down from $12.99 for a single meal. It can be bought on Amazon as well.

Homestyle Chicken & Rice.

This is what I would classify as a casserole. It has rice, sauce, meat and vegetables – with the same texture you’d have at home if Mom was using Cream of Chicken soup. I felt it could have used a bit more water, as it was really thick. And it needed an extra 5 minutes of sit time for the meat to be fully rehydrated. I liked the flavor, but it was too salty for my taste. That doesn’t mean it is bad, it’s just a preference of mine. I’d think 10 miles of hot trail and I’d have loved it. If you love comfort food, this is it. Just add a bit more water. And give it 15 minutes.

It can be found on Amazon as well.


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