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My oldest son went back to work yesterday after a nearly 2 month furlough. I gave him a ride to be nice, called home schooling early with the younger boys, and after dropping him off, drove to South Whidbey Community Park (“Castle Park”) to enjoy a hike. Stay At Home order ended on May 31st in Washington State, so why not get out and enjoy some green time.

There is something to be said for wandering through a park. They had recently trimmed the trails, which was good as the stinging nettle had really overgrown in the past few months of the park being shut down.

And if they get along for once, it is a bonus.

They helped each other climb up an old tree.

They thought this was the highlight of the day…..

Salmonberries were just approaching first ripeness. They will turn darker, a jewel ruby color.

We have had a cool spring, with rain a lot later than usual. Which is good for the plants. The temperatures are lower than usual as well.

I love seeing the moss still green for the year.

The Evergreen Huckleberries will be a good crop this year if the weather holds, on the island. The forest in the park holds a lot of bushes.

I had to add these pretties, though I saw them on our land, not while hiking. I had seen these before while hiking, in the National Forest. They are tiny fairy like drops, low to the ground.

My friend Jennifer helped me ID them, they are Twinflower. We have a hillside covered in them. It’s in an area that was opened up last year, as we work on restoring our land. I am keeping a hold out that someday we might even get Trillium flowers in the woods. I can hope.


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