Local Adventures

Beach Time

The need for beach time was strong last week so we finished school quickly and headed out. Living on an island has a few perks, but it is easy to live half a mile from beach access and not get there for months when the weather is cold.

Spring slipping towards summer brings shells popping up on the sand at low tide.

Looking across the Salish Sea to the Olympic Mountains.

I had seen “rocks” like this for years on this side of the island. Alistaire loves them because you can use them as chalk. The consensus is they are old bricks, polished by the sea. Apparently a lot of them got dumped over the years into the water around the island, and off of Seattle.

The boys playing on the beach.

One cool thing about this favored beach is the county shut down the boat launch and quit carving it during the Stay At Home orders. The beach has filled in the boat ramp completely, the beach is uninterrupted now. It sucks for boat owners but as a human it was kind of nice to see the beach as it would be naturally for once.



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