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Trillium Community Forest: Wildberry Loop

With most public lands closed to walking, there are a few lands that are still open. We have a handful on our island. These are ideal for locals to use, who can walk to the trailheads. They don’t get a lot of use on a good day, so in a way…this is good. I rounded up all 3 of my offspring and we headed off into the Trillium Community Forest, using the Bounty Loop trailhead. For a map, see here.

We headed up Bounty Trail, which is part of the Level Loop, hence the short section of paved trail.

We continued on up Bounty, to Crossroads, then hooked up Peaceful Firs.

Sunny afternoon in spring, in the forest.

Trillium holds a lot of water in spring. And that means….a lot of stinging nettle. Never wander off trail in Trillium during spring!

The big maple tree, getting ready to wake up. Taking a break at the high point on Patrick’s Way.

We turned onto Wildberry and headed up, a gentle grade lined with Salmonberry bushes.

Halfway around Wildberry is a meadow (well, not a natural meadow, but rather from back when the area was logged, it would have been an area for the trucks).

Alistaire heading downhill on Wildberry. It is definitely steeper on the back side, with a few muddy areas.

It will be very pretty once the Alder trees open up in the coming weeks.

We connected with Patrick’s Way, and headed down, then connected with Crossroads and headed downhill.

On Crossroads, up high, is an area I had always wondered if it held water in early spring. Well, it does. We spooked fowl on accident and they took off.

The hike down Crossroads, and then turned back onto Bounty and back out.


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