And The World Slowed Down

I sat down on this cold, and very rainy, Sunday and realized it had been 9 days since I had posted on the blog of Trailcooking.

I have been so busy and yet my world has slowed down so much since the start of March. Tomorrow, on Monday, the boys and I enter our 4th week of home schooling. Home schooling has changed my entire life. What I lost is my time to just sit and ponder the world while I write. My writing time is rare now, and when I do grab a few minutes it goes to our homestead’s website instead I find. The state we live in is only starting “school from home” come this Monday morning. And the state has decreed that the schools cannot teach new, only maintain, to when (IF) the students go back. I don’t want to see my children slump like that, and we are fully schooling them. I am an overachiever, and it is worth every minute with them.

And when I cannot hike, it becomes harder to think up content to be brutally honest. In Washington Sate all the state parks are closed (and we have many on our island), the national parks and forests are also shut down. There are a few places I can still walk, but I cannot park at them. I am grateful I live on acreage and can walk it daily. And that we do have an open (for now) forest preserve across the way from us. But when I look out my bedroom window and stare across the Salish Sea, at the snow capped Olympic Mountains….that is unattainable for me. It’s cruel to look at those peaks. So I look down instead, and dream of when I can walk in the meadows this summer (oh I hope).

Spring is here as well, and our farm takes a lot out of me. After school is done, we work on the farm for hours daily. That is my life for now. Probably for a long time. There is weeding, growing plants, turning over fields from their cover crops. We have baby ducks to raise. Our chickens are soon to hatch.

I am very grateful for our readers, and those that have bought books from us in the past weeks, clicked on ads, and used our links. Keeping an income stream is something I am very grateful for. Until this week I didn’t know if the farmers market we sell at in season would open (it will, but be very limited).

I am here. If you have questions, never worry about emailing us via the contact page. I will do my best to get you an answer. Otherwise….find me on Instagram, where I do carve out time often. And well….maybe at some point shelter in place will end, and the trails will be there.


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