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Meal Review: Cold Prep Salads

Looking for inspiration if you need an easy way to have cold prep chicken and beef salad on the trail? PackitGourmet has a number of them, only requiring cold water and sit time, then enjoy out of the bag, or on your favorite carb.

Curry Mango Chicken Salad – This cold prep salad has curry-spiced diced chicken (cage-free), parmesan cheese, chopped red onion and green peas with sweet mango chunks and zante currants. It calls for a robust carb to go on top of, such as a biscuit or bagel.

Texas Mesquite Chicken Salad – This chicken salad comes with onions, peppers, celery, and tart apple, dressed with creamy mayonnaise. I really enjoyed this as a sandwich.

Cajun Ranch Chicken Salad – Seasoned diced chicken (cage-free), parmesan cheese, chopped red onion, celery, green bell peppers and slightly sweetened cranberries – dressed with creamy mayonnaise. This was a filling salad!

Roast Beef Wrap – Due to changes in the beef (it is grass-fed now) the meal was put into the dinners instead of lunches. It just needs a good 45 minute soak time now. As long as you plan for that, it is a hearty meal! One tip: some might find the mustard overwhelming, use to taste.

For all four options, I found with a hearty bread or tortilla, you can easily serve two hikers. It is a nice break from bland lunches that are easy to fall into having. Pack 1 or 2 as a surprise or for days when you want a reason to take a long and leisurely lunch!


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