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Cline Spit

Cline Spit. The lesser known cousin of Dungeness Spit in Sequim, Washington. Yet while barely known outside of locals, it is the easy choice for those wanting to get to the beach to enjoy being on the water. It has other benefits: It is a county park so is free to use, and it sits on the inside of Dungeness Bay, leaving it more protected to the winds that buffer Dungeness Spit.

However, only the first half of Cline Spit is open to the public, the road is gated for the private land farther out. A decent size parking lot and bathroom, along with a small boat launch are at the park.

The water is peaceful compare to the outer water on the Salish Sea. The boys and I walked down to the water, and walked the rocky beach.

Fish, well scavenged.

Claw left behind by a hungry bird.

So many colors under ones feet.

Far across the water is the Dungeness Spit arcing across the water, making a horizon, where it separates the bay from the Salish Sea.


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