Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake

When we rebuilt Trailcooking from ground up this past year, I lost every trip report I had written from 2004 to current when we couldn't transfer the older version of the blog. There are some hikes I truly loved that I never wrote about, including Pumpkin Seed Lake in the Olympic National Park, in Washington… Continue reading Olympic Hikes: Pumpkin Seed Lake

Hiking · Local Adventures

Local Adventures: Hurricane Ridge Wandering

When my oldest son Ford was little we spent many days hiking in the Olympic Mountains. Back then it was easy to do it, in the early 2000's. No needing reservations on the ferry across the Salish Sea from the island to Port Townsend. The area was a lot quieter with a lot less people,… Continue reading Local Adventures: Hurricane Ridge Wandering


Lake Quinualt and Ruby Beach

Every year or so we head out in the late winter/early spring to the Olympic Coast and often to Lake Quinalt Lodge to spend a long weekend. Usually in the rain, but we make it happen. Lake Quinalt Lodge is one of a kind and I have been staying there since the late 1990's when… Continue reading Lake Quinualt and Ruby Beach


Hall of Mosses

Tucked away on the Olympic Peninsula is the Hoh River Valley, far from most anything. It's a long drive whichever direction you choose to come from, and the end of the road is 18 miles from the highway. Over the years I have hiked the valley many times but it was a hike in the… Continue reading Hall of Mosses


Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the Olympic National Park coastal strip. It's ease in accessing (large parking lot, off the highway, well built trail to the beach) makes it a great place to spend an hour or a day at. The trail starts from the parking lot and is a mix… Continue reading Ruby Beach